Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Middeys cockfosters yelp

Promised so much but let down!
I attended this new cafe/brasserie with high expectations the decor is accomplished to a higher common and there is a selection of coffees and good organic high priced items for sale to take away, it has the feel of a good independent coffee shop inside a village. 

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The menu will not be also big and offers an excellent range of favorites like burgers, pastas, breakfasts, salads and sandwiches and so on. I opted for the club sandwich presentation once more was excellent, served on a wooden platter with chips within a small bowl. 

On the other hand this however is where it goes a little down hill, the meals I had and my girlfriends too was distinctly average I even commented that I could make a superior club sandwich (and I am no chef) the chicken was dry, the bacon rubbery, tasteless and inexpensive. 

Not what I was seriously expecting. 

The cost point isn't that higher but I really feel they're cutting fees with good quality. 

Service as well was not good, maybe because they are new and inexperienced but there were various problems with staff; 

- First being not terrific English creating ordering more of a trouble than it need to be, I heard the table next to me struggling also. 

-Second mistake, clearing my partners plate away before I had finished. Obtaining come from a service background this can be rude and should not occur. 

-Third, No verify back just after ordering in spite of possessing many members of staff standing about undertaking practically nothing, nobody asked how my meals was so I could not inform them it was a little dry. 

-and lastly, The bill was brought more than to me and left at the table without me asking and without the need of the present of any dessert, coffee, a different drink and so on. 

I located this strange as certainly they will drop organization with this behaviour. I felt slightly rushed, it wasn't like they needed the table it was nearly empty. 

I would not return for food, the coffee and also the milkshake have been OK and that's about as far since it goes unfortunately. 

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