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Properly debugging and testing is extremely important for each set of Chain Saw Machine
March 2, 2014-China-After acquiring the Chain Noticed Machine from ZMAX MACHINERY CO., LTD ( ) , nearly all of buyers do not know how to correctly debugging and testing the new machine. To assist customers clear this puzzle, now, the mechanical engineer from ZMAX MACHINERY, the most effective China noticed machine manufacturer will offer with them a single entirely tutorial about this. 


Ahead of the officially machine testing and debugging, people really need to firstly fill using the hydraulic oil. The sliding and rotating elements also must be added a layer of lubricated oil. One particular stage which operator should exclusive note the quality with the lubricated oil have to be excellent. Otherwise, it can impact the standard operation of Cutting Saw Machine

Second, please set up the sawing band on the saw machine and then alter the tension from the sawing band to ensure that the saw band tension could attain the ideal level. Simultaneously, individuals also really need to adjust the restrict switch and let it inside the situation of turning on. Within the other hand, folks really should also fill the cooling water tank of th9is sawing machine. 

After all preparing progress before, the thirdly phase need to be the machine testing. Please 1st connect the electrical power and be certain the reliable of the ground line. Then, individuals could turn over the energy switch and start the saw machine for testing. During the testing method, men and women need to listen to its sound and confirm no matter if it's typical or not. During operation, please allow the saw bow down immediately until eventually the saw band drop 0.5 to 1mm below the operating. When it reaches for the limit position, folks really should examine regardless of whether the machine will automated shutdown or not. This experiment really should be restarted for three times. 

Fifth, after the testing for Pallet Production Line, men and women need to check the cylinder gadget. On top of that, they should really also test no matter whether the lifting and falling in the saw bow is trusted and flexible. 

Sixth, operator must test the clamp and loosen device in the cylinder device. Please be certain irrespective of whether this gadget is versatile and trusted. 

Just after former stage, please alter the velocity control knob. Men and women ought to modify this part to reduced speed operation and then substantial pace operation. This experiment have to be repeated for three occasions. 

When all measures over are over, please clamp one particular piece of wooden material to carry out the sawing test. If all operation is standard, we could state that the quality in the machine ought to be extremely excellent. To understand additional data about Chain Saw Machine, Multi Rip Saw Machine or other goods, please stop by internet site

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